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Learn How To Sell Real Estate in Dubai Like a Superstar

“When I came to Dubai, I had nothing except the right attitude and determination, If I can make it, anybody can. Let Me show you how.” – Anthony Joseph


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Learn How To Sell Real Estate Like a Pro – The Course

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About The Course

This course is everything I have learned over the last 6 years, since I came to Dubai with nothing and ended up selling over $200 Million USD of Real Estate here.

I will teach you everything you need to know, to not only get started, but to become a Rock Star Real Estate Agent in Dubai.

The reason I created this course was because I wish somebody had show me or guided me when I first arrived in Dubai.

I am now giving away everything, including my secrets to lead generation and closing any deal.

You will learn how to deal with prospects, how to learn about the areas, how to talk to clients and how to get leads from places in seasoned professionals do not know in Dubai.

“This course helped me close more deals then any other information i found about Real Estate in Dubai”

Amr Salim

What Agents Have Been Saying About This Course

Rohin Sharma

This really changed my perspective on Real Estate, Thank You anthony!

Hussain Hameed

Honestly I never knew how much money there was to make in the real estate game if implemented properly. Anthony you changed my perspective on this industry completely!

Majdi Andry

You broke it down soo simply, I never knew how easy it could be. I always struggled to understand how to close deals consistently.

Aby Redha

I am applying these techniques to my own market, which is outside of dubai. To be honest, I am seeing a difference already thank you!

Jatin Singh

Before this course, I thought It would be such a long shot to go to Dubai and actually make a success. I am now planning to come to Dubai and start my new career there.

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Tips for achieving strong ROI

  • Apartments typically provide stronger rental yields than townhouses and villas due to Dubai’s largely transient, low to mid-income population with a budget geared toward smaller, affordable homes.
  • Opt for smaller sized apartments (studio and 1-bedroom) in affordable communities with established infrastructure, near to transport and essential amenities such as education and healthcare.
  • Resale of smaller units is faster and offers a better value compared to larger sized properties, mainly because a major segment of Dubai’s expat population can afford to purchase these when the investor wants to release equity.
  • Annual maintenance charges payable to the Dubai Land Department based on the RERA Service Charge and Maintenance Index can materially impact overall returns. This index determines a specific charge per square foot and varies by community. Up to date fees can be sourced directly from the DLD’s website. Research the applicable charges for your preferred community before investing.