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Whether you are looking for finance, leasing out your property or even converting it into a holiday home cash positive property.  We have the expertise to get it all done for you at record breaking speeds.

We have the biggest marketing reach and exposure, consistently being awarded top Real Estate agency in Dubai for 10 years.

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– Short Term Rentals to maximize revenue

Port De Lamer

Off-plan property vs. ready property

Investing in off-plan property or ready property in the secondary market each have pros and cons. Each individual’s financial situation and risk appetite is unique, and as such, it is important to adequately assess the risks associated with both.

Pros of buying off-plan

  • Price: Buyers commonly receive a price advantage with under-construction properties priced significantly less than ready properties.
  • Capital appreciation: There is a high probability of the property increasing in value near to completion and handover.
  • Smaller down-payments: Initial deposits of 5-10%, as opposed to 25% with ready properties, can make purchase more achievable.
  • Payment plans: Developers offer highly attractive, flexible payment plans, in some cases offering post-handover 2-5 year payment plans meaning you can actually rent the property out before commencing the repayments.

Port De Lamer